Norman Russo

Optometrist B.ScOptom, FACO, FACBO

Norm has been part of Russo Optometry for over 30 years. As well as general optometry, he also has special interests in Behavioural optometry, children with learning difficulties and contact lenses.



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Adrian Vecchio

Optometrist  BSc. B.Optom (Ocular Medicine prescriber)

Adrian has been working with Russo Optometry since early 2016. Since starting, he has completed the Masters Units of Behavioural Optometry. He also enjoys general optometry, Ortho K sleep in lenses, contact lenses and dry eye. He is also the Practice Manager. 


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Marion Doherty

Optometrist B Optom (Ocular Medicine prescriber)

Marion has been a part of the Russo Optometry Team since 2013. Marion has completed the Masters Units of Behavioural Optometry, and has interests in Vision Therapy, OrthoK sleep in lenses and is also our resident Dry Eye expert.


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Sashini Fair

Optometrist B.Sc.Optom. 


Sashini is a passionate behavioural optometrist who has been with Russo Optometry for 14 years. She has interests in general optometry, patients with special needs and coloured lenses to treat Mears Irlens syndrome.


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Optical Dispensers

Max Huard

Liz Piner


Vision Therapists

Kate Kehoe


Optical Assistants

Jacqui Kehoe
Philippa Leuzzi
Kate Kehoe
Olivia Russo
Shannon Dell
Rose Mammolito
Diana Russo
Luke Russo