Overseas Eye Programs

Overseas Eye Programs

Our optometrist, Norm Russo, donates his time to assist Optometry Giving Sight which aims to fund projects that seek to ensure sustainable, lasting eyecare, human resources and infrastructure improvement in developing countries.

Norm is part of a team that includes three eye surgeons, two nurses and five optometrists. The team visit Sumba, an island halfway between Bali and Timor, twice a year. While in Sumba the team assist in several ways including, performing eye examinations, prescribing glasses, performing surgery, training the eye care nurses and indonesian ophthalmologists, and travelling to remote village to see patients who are unable to travel.

A pair of glasses is far from accessible and in 2008, Optometry Giving Sight began funding trips to Sumba providing eye exams and glasses to people in need.  Click here to donate to the program.

Sumba Eye Program Donors Report 2014 Cam

Where: Rumah Sakit Umum, Waikabubak           Date: 13th - 22nd Sept, 2014.

Visiting Team

The team completed 98 operations over the 10 days including:

  • 77 Cataract Extractions
  • 10 Pterygium Removals

The optometry clinic:

  • Examined 866
  • Referred 120 for assessment
  • Dispensed 693 pairs of spectacles
  • Dispensed 120 pairs of sunglasses

Ophthalmic Surgeons
Drs. Mark Ellis, Jon Ruddle, David Workman

Ophthalmic Nurses
Sr. Alison Plain and Sr.Tucker

Mr Peter Lewis, Peter Stewart and Norm Russo

Indonesian Team
Dr Ichasn, Dr Abrar, Dr Mischan, Dr Fajah, and Dr Danni

Sponsor and Volunteer
Mrs Gail Hoole

Mrs Anne Lewis and Mrs Janet Ellis