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About Us

We are passionate about helping you 
get the most out of your vision

About Us

Our passionate and highly experienced team consists of four Optometrists with post-graduate qualifications in Behavioural Optometry.

They are supported by exceptional staff who are here to help you achieve the vision and style you want, to get the most out of life.

Meet Our Optometrists

Meet Our Optometrists The Optometrists
About Us


Being independent Optometrists for over 30 years, gives us the freedom to ensure that you are our number one priority. This allows us to tailor your appointment to suit you, and your individual needs.  Meaning that you receive the highest level of care without compromise.

Comprehensive care

We understand that your eyes are an essential part of your life. Therefore we ensure that whether you are one of our 30,000 existing clients, or someone visiting us for the first time, we take the time to provide comprehensive care to truly understand your problems, and work with you to help provide a visual solution to ensure that you have the best vision for life.


Passionate about your vision

Our entire team are passionate about helping to provide an enjoyable optometric experience for you. As a result our team is encouraged to work on areas of optometry they are passionate about, and will provide the greatest benefit to you.

Some of these areas include: behavioural optometry, contact lenses, including specialty contact lenses such as Ortho-Keratology, Keratoconus and myopia control, or even acquired brain injury and neuro-rehabilative vision therapy.

However this passion does not stop at the consulting room, as our team are constantly working with glasses suppliers and manufacturers to have the perfect mix of glasses, sunglasses and lenses to suit your style.

Community Involvement

We also enjoy giving back to the community, whether that be by providing information sessions to GP’s, teachers and other health professionals, primary school vision screenings or international vision and glasses programs.

These international programs include being a part of the Sumba Eyecare program in Indonesia and collecting and donating used glasses on behalf of the Lions Club.