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2020: Time to Care for Your Sight

2020: Time to Care for Your Sight

Here are some of the most common vision issues we experience at different ages.

Children: 80% of children's learning in school is through their vision. Good eyesight and eye coordination are important to help children reach developmental and educational milestones. Regular eye examinations should start before primary school.

Teens: Our eyes continue to develop until late teens and early 20’s, and sometimes large changes in vision can occur within a short space of time. Visual demands for teenagers are high with long hours of study, device use, sport and other interests. Regular check ups will help identify any challenges.

Over 20s: Potential vision issues are likely to be related to eye strain from prolonged device use or eye injuries at work. We continue to monitor eye health, as well as prescribe work and lifestyle eyewear options where appropriate.

Over 40s: Age related vision changes start to occur. The most common issues are difficulty viewing things clearly when they are up close, reduced night vision and dry eye complaints. Regular eye health checks are also important for early detection of sight-threatening eye conditions.

Over 60s: The risk of age-related eye health conditions increases significantly. Macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are the most common conditions that can cause permanent vision loss, so early detection is critical for maintaining good vision. 


If you or your family haven't had an eye examination in the last two years, book an appointment with our Optometrists and let us look after your eyes at every stage of life.