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How Can You Look After Your Eyes

Warm Compress

MGD can be treated with a warm compress which stimulates oil production while melting the oil that has solidified in the glands. Other benefits are that it will soften lash debris and soothe your discomfort. Thou a warm compress doesn’t have the same control in temperature as Blephasteam®, it may only be beneficial for treating discomfort rather than effectively removing blockage.

Another good at home option for maintenance is this kit, Tranquileyes. Through the use of heat Tranquileyes may assist in stimulating natural tear production and enhancing the benefits of artificial tears and ointments and supplements.  Each kit includes a set of instant thermoeyes gel packs, which can be used for moist heat therapy or soothing cold therapy and a thermoeyes beads for heat therapy.

Eye Massage

You can massage both eyelids after applying a warm compress or Tranquileyes by pressing your finger gently on the eyelid and moving it up and down for 30 seconds. Do this around 5-10 times immediately after warming. When you are next in the practice we can show you how to do this safely and effectively.

Lid Scrubs and Drops

The use of Lid scrubs and lid wipes can effectively help in maintain good eye health to reduce the effects of MGD. You can perform your own lid scrub by using a Q-tip or warm washcloth on the tips of your fingers to gently rub along the lash line on both lids (top and bottom). This can help to remove oil, bacteria and debris while stimulating the oil glands. Pre-moistened wipes, such as OCuSoft Lid Scrub Plus Wipes, are also available for purchase which contain specially formulated ingredients to clear excess oils, dirt and bacteria without causing harm to the eyes.

Optimel Manuka Dry eye drops thou new on the market have been proven to profit great results for patients suffering from dry eye. One of our patients has even referred to it as ‘liquid gold’.

Optimel Manuka Dry eye drops are have both antibacterial and anti-flammatory components. By creating a healthy micro environment the drops assist in improving the eye surface and eye lid health.

Flax Seed Oil and Omega-3 capsules

Studies have shown that some people suffering from MGD can benefit by adding omega-3 fats to their diet which can help maintain oil consistency and reduce inflammation. Both Flax Seed Oil and Omega-3 capsules (Fish Oil) are a source of Omega-3. We highly recommend TheraTears Nutrition tablets as they provide you with high quality Flax seed and Fish oil in one tablet.

The omega-3s in TheraTears Nutrition come from organically grown cold-pressed lignin-free flaxseed oil and premium molecularly-distilled (mercury free and PCB free) fish oil. This flaxseed/fish oil blend supplements omega-3 metabolism better than flaxseed or fish oil alone, this makes TheraTears Nutrition great for healthy tears and eyes (and also great for oral health).

Always follow the advice of your GP if you are taking any medications or suffering from any illness before changing and supplementing your diet.

Control Your Diet and Environment

By making a few simple changes to your lifestyle can have a dramatic improvement to your ocular health. Below are just a few key factors that will help.

  • Keep hydrated!  By drinking enough water and avoiding diuretics like tea and coffee will help keep you and your eyes in good condition.
  • Quit smoking! Not only are you exposing your body to various toxins but the impact of the actual smoke from your cigarettes on your eyes is substantial.
  • Avoid air conditioning and heating. Both can cause MGD or exacerbate your symptoms.


Most people experience some eye discomfort, including dry and sore eyes, so if you would like to know more or discuss care and treatment of your symptoms contact us on 9792 3077 or send us a quick email.