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Indroducing the Visi Office

Indroducing the Visi Office

We are excited to announce the long awaited arrival of our Visi Office.

This is the first of the new Version Visi-office to arrive in Australia.

This technology allows us to measure how you use your eyes with your glasses. It has come a long way since putting texta dots on your glasses. We are able to measure eye position, eye movement, eye rotation, head position, frame angle, frame wrap, dominant eye, working distance, and how you and your eyes move when wearing your glasses.  By taking short 5 second videos it is able to precisely measure lens position to with-in 0.1mm.

All of this means you get a multi-focal progressive lens that is absolutely uniquely designed for you.

This means that if 2 people with the same prescription and frame had glasses made, the lenses would be different as they are unique to the individual.