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orthok lenses


What is it, and who is it for?

Orthokeratology involves the use of custom made contact lenses, which are worn overnight. While Wearing the lens overnight,  the front surface of the eye, gets gently re-shaped, meaning when you wake up, you can remove the lenses and see clearly with no lenses! No spectacles, No contacts, No laser.

That's right clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses!!

Why have I not heard of this before?

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This type of custom lens has been around in various forms, since the 1960’s however recent advances in corneal technology have significantly improved our ability to fit the lenses correctly to the micrometer level! To do this we use the Medmont E300 corneal topographer. 

Who is suitable for this treatment?

We are currently treating short sightedness up to around -5 diopters, however this can be higher or lower depending on individual prescriptions.

We can also use it to treat some hyperopia and presbyopia cases.

Most commonly we are using it to treat patients ranging in age from  8 years old, and right  through to adults

The most exciting aspect of the treatment is that it has been shown in several studies to slow the progression of shortsightedness (myopia). Therefore the majority of our patients are younger, who are starting to become short sighted. All have taken very well to the orthokeratology experience.

Most patients experience good vision after the first nights wear, and this continues to improve over the first few weeks.

This sounds great! What's the next step?

Phone or email for an appointment, mentioning you are interested in Orthokeratology, one of our 4 experienced optometrists will examine your eyes and determine your suitability for Orthokeratology, and answer any questions you may have.  If you are suitable, we can often begin treatment within a week.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss who can benefit from the lenses, and their advantages over traditional contact lenses and laser surgery.