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Sumba Eyecare Trip 2018

Sumba Eyecare Trip 2018

The team consisted of 4 Optometrists, 3 eye surgeons, 2 nurses and support team. They were ably assisted by The Indonesian eye team and our Eye care nurses. 

For one short week, they travelled to the central Sumba region of Anakalang where the team were hosted at the local Hospital and were able to assess 1234 people. 1146 pairs of glasses were dispensed and 137 were referred to the surgical team for surgical procedures and medical assessment.

The surgical team managed to get through 128 procedures. Mostly these were severe cataract and pterygium. A new laser that was brought over this year allowed treatment for glaucoma and other delicate procedures.

Our eyecare nurses Sany and Elsi were wonderful. Nefry, one of our eyecare nurses is currently on maternity leave but was able to join us and introduce us to baby Marko. The training our eyecare nurses have received allows us to be confident that post-surgical care is available and basic glasses are available in this remote region.

As always it is a joy to work with a team that operates like a well-oiled machine. Everyone jumps in to help with any situation without a moment’s hesitation.

We have attached some photos of this year’s trip which can be seen on Facebook page
If you would like to donate to the Sumba Eyecare Program please go to www.sumbaeyeprogram.org