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UV Eye Protection Tips for Summer

UV Eye Protection Tips for Summer

Did you know, more than 4 parts of the eye can be affected by UV light!

With summer well and truly upon us, protecting yourself from UV light is more important than ever.

We all remember “Slip Slop Slap” but how many of us think about protecting our eyes?

1. The Conjunctiva and Cornea

The front of your eye can be damaged quite easily by UV exposure and it is important to keep it healthy and clear for the best possible comfort and vision. UV damage to the conjunctiva and cornea can cause growths such as pingueculae and pterygiums which can irritate the eyes and can affect your vision. It is even possible to get melanomas on the front surface of the eye.

2. The Lens

The lens inside your eye is one of the integral areas for maintaining good vision. UV damage to the lens can cause early onset of cataracts which cause blurred vision. The only cure for cataracts is through surgery, so prevention is key!

3. The Retina

The retina is the very back surface of the eye and also can be quite susceptible to UV damage. The damage at the retina tends to be the most damaging to the vision and least easily fixed. This can present as macula degeneration or even melanomas.

4. And Finally, The Eyelids!

Most people forget about eyelids when it comes to sun protection, but melanomas can occur on your eyelid.  You could try putting suncream on them – but trust us, it is quite difficult!

The Solution?

Sunglasses are the only way to provide adequate UV protection to the eye and the eyelids. We recommend a high quality pair of polarised sunglasses to give your eyes the best protection and to give you peace of mind that you are looking after your eyes in the best way possible!