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Vision Therapy at Russo Optometry

Vision Therapy at Russo Optometry

Here at Russo Optometry we offer many varieties of vision therapy or vision training. These range from vision therapy for reading difficulties to vision therapy for lazy eyes and eye focussing therapy.

Some vision problems cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses alone! As most visual skills are learned, these can be re-learned or built upon through vision therapy under the guidance of a vision therapist. Not all vision problems are the same, therefore not all vision therapy programs are the same. Our programs are tailored to suit your or your child’s requirements and needs and can be made to fit in with your busy schedule!

Our vision therapy programs include in-office therapy where activities and skills are taught, as well as practice at home to enable these skills to become automatic.

A common problem for children in primary school is the confusion between direction concepts – such as the difference between the letters b,d,p and q and the reversals of letters, numbers and words. This is a concept that is worked upon in vision therapy to give these kids a better understanding of their own left and rights and therefore the left and rights of letters and words. Other skills such as visual memory, hand-eye coordination and visual spatial awareness are often worked on as well.

Having two eyes rather than one makes our visual system very complicated as both eyes have to work together very accurately and efficiently to enable good vision! Some people’s visual systems have difficulty with this which can result in problems such as a lazy eye, poor 3D vision, poor eye-focussing skills or poor coordination. As these are skills which are learned, usually during infant development, it is possible to be re-trained in these skill using vision therapy activities. These activities may include balance boards, swinging balls (Marsden Balls), prism training and lens training (Mental Minus).

If you think any of these problems apply to you or your child please contact us at Russo and Associates Optometry on (03) 9792 3077 to book an appointment with one of our three Optometrists