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What do Polarised Sunglasses do?

What do Polarised Sunglasses do?

When we wear Sunglasses we aim to reduce glare. If we think about tinted non-polarised sunglasses, then all we are doing is reducing the amount of light (making it darker). For example an 80% tint reduces the amount of light coming through the lens by 80%.

Light that is reflected becomes “polarised”. So light that reflects off a footpath, road, water, cloud, windscreen, even water droplets in the air is mostly polarised light. If we wear a polarised lens then we specifically reduce reflected light as well as reduce the amount of general light with the tint in the lens.

The best sunglasses will have multiple features. They may have a reflective front coating to reduce heat, very precise colour properties to improve contrast and clarity, polarisation to eliminate reflected glare, an anti-reflective coating on the inside surface to remove reflected light from behind and to the side.

The photos above show a scene with and without polarised lenses.

If you would like to try the difference between different types of sunglass lenses we have different demonstration samples in the practice.

Once you see the difference good sunglass lenses make the comfort improvement is dramatic and highly recommended.