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What is Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy (VT) is recommended for children struggling with lazy eyes, eye focusing and reading difficulties. These are common problems for children of all ages.

Vision related learning difficulties usually present as the reversal of letters or numbers and trouble tracking words on a page. For example when children confuse the letter ‘p’ with ‘q’ or the number ‘6’ with ‘9’, or when children follow along with their finger while reading. Other visual processing elements such as visual memory, visual special awareness and hand-eye coordination can also be addressed and developed through visual therapy.

Poor eye focusing, poor coordination or lazy eyes can occur due to breakdowns in the visual system, but it is possible to train and re-train your eyes through Vision Therapy. Some of the activities we run include the use of balance boards, marsden balls (swinging balls), prism training and lens training (mental minus). As well as activities completed during the appointment, there are take-home activities which are expected to be completed at home taking only 15 minutes 5 times a week.

We have recently updated our vision therapy programs to be more concise and more tailored to each individual child. Our programs include training activities designed as games which stimulate various areas of visual processing to assist the child’s development. Vision Therapy is run at our practice as a 30 minute session in our specialised Vision Therapy room with a trained vision therapist. Programs run as 10 to 15 weekly or fortnightly appointments depending on the child’s needs and progress.