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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Have you ever imagined life without glasses? Russo Optometry is proud to offer a huge range of eye contact lenses to suit any prescription and need. So you can enjoy the best vision for life, with or without glasses!

Am I eligible for contact lenses?

Most patients are surprised to learn that they are able to wear contact lenses to help their vision. Contact lenses for short and long sightedness are most common, however we also have lenses for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses, sleep in (orthoK) lenses and several options including rigid, hybrid and miniscleral lenses for those with keratoconus.

Daily and Monthly Lenses

These are the most common type of contact lens and suit people with short and long sightedness, astigmatism, there are even multifocal contact lenses, for people who just wear reading glasses. They are comfortable, relatively cheap and provide great sight, perfect for you to have the best vision for life.

OrthoK – Sleep Lenses

Orthokeratology, more commonly referred to as Ortho-K or Dream lenses, is a contact lens treatment that corrects your vision while you sleep. It is a safe, reversible, convenient and non-surgical alternative that allows you to achieve clear vision without the use of spectacles or contact lenses. For more info – Click here

Lenses for Keratoconus

Most people don’t realise that for people who have the eye condition keratoconus contact lenses are the best way to correct their vision.

Russo Optometry is proud to offer several different types of contact lenses to suit almost all eyes with keratoconus. These include small and large sized Rigid lenses, very comfortable hybrid lenses, (the feel of a soft lens, with the vision of a rigid lens), and the very large yet comfortable miniscleral lenses. Ensuring that you matter your prescription, you can have great vision for life.

Helpful Videos

3 different ways to insert contact lenses

An instructional video by an optometrist explaining 3 alternative ways to insert your contact lenses

3 pro contact lens tips

An optometrist showing you 3 quick tips to improve your soft contact lens experience.

How to Clean your Soft Contact Lenses

A short instructional video on how to clean your soft contact lenses.

Are you contacts inside out?

An optometrist explaining the best way to tell if your contacts are inside out or the correct way around.

3 of the best ways to remove your soft contact lenses

An optometrist showing you the 3 quickest and easiest ways to take soft contact lenses out of your eyes.

Introduction to Ortho-K Lenses

An explanation of Ortho-K lenses by an optometrist, and how to put them in your eyes.

How to Clean your Ortho K lenses

A short instructional video on how to clean your orthokeratology contact lenses, using Menicare plus solution.

The easiest way to take Ortho-K lenses out

An optometrist showing you the best way to take OrthoK lenses out.