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Eye Health

Common Eye Conditions

We are passionate about educating you on your eye health. Below is a short list of common eye conditions that your optometrist can help you with.


A condition which causes the cornea to have an irregular shape, and often requires rigid contact lenses to get shape vision

Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis/Eye Infections

A common condition, causing red, watery and gunky eyes which is usually caused by either a virus or bacteria. It is best to see one of our therapeutically qualified optometrists if you feel you have conjunctivits. They may be able to implement some treatments or prescribe medications to get you feeling better asap.


A very common condition which causes you vision to appear not quite as crisp. Can be easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses and the Medmont topographer.


Is often called the silent thief of sight, as there are usually no symptoms, until patients have reached the end stage. Once this has occured they are left with poor peripheral vision. It is more common in people over 50, and treatment is quite easy with drops being the first line treatment. We use Optos, OCT, ICare, MFA, (links) to help detect the condition, and can refer you to an ophthalmologist if required. For more info click here.

Macular Degeneration

A condition which affects your central vision, making tasks like reading and driving difficult even with glasses. Early detection is important to help proved the best outcomes. We use Optos and OCT to aid in the detection. For more info click here.

Hay Fever

Itchy and Water eyes? Sneezing and runny nose? It’s probably hayfever. Come and see one of our optometrists, who may be able to implement some treatments or prescribe medications to get you feeling more comfortable.


A red sore bump that often appears on the eye lids. A heat pack for 5 minutes, with gentle massage will often help these go away in a few days. Please come in and see us if it gets worse, or doesn't go away.


Everyone over 40yo has the early start of cataracts, however it is not until it starts affecting your vision that treatment is required. Some often describe it as like looking through a dirty car windscreen, where you can still see, but it is a bit hazy, and gets worse when looking into the sun or driving at night. For more info click here.


These little black squiggly things that float around in your vision, are pretty normal to have, if they have been there for a long time. However if you get new ones, that could be a sign of the jelly detaching, which can potential cause a retinal tear or detachment. An urgent appointment is advised for any new onset of floaters, and we often use the Optos to help us check.

Meibomian gland dysfunction

This is a condition which causes the glands that make up part of the tears to become blocked. It is a common cause of dry eye. Check out our dry eye page for ways to treat this condition.