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Optometrist Keysborough

$100 a 2nd Pair

Googling “optometrist near me”? Most people will have experienced an eye exam or an eye test for reading. But if you want a vision assessment that goes beyond 20/20, you need to visit Russo Optometry’s experienced team of four optometrists near the Keysborough area.

Contact an independent expert optometrist that supports the local community. Our team have thirty-years’ experience in the industry, so you know you’re in good hands.

Eye Test Keysborough

Human beings rely on their visual sense to orient themselves in the world. The is because vision is the most dominant sense in the body. Therefore it is crucial for all age groups to experience optimal eye health so that they can enjoy a rich, full life. From children who need regular eye tests to ensure their vision is developing well, so they can learn and perform at school. Right through to adults, who need thorough vision and eye health checks so that they perform at work and have healthy eyes for life. If you’re looking for eye tests close to Keysborough, we’re conviently located a short distance away. 

Contact Lenses Keysborough

If you would like to improve your vision, but don’t want to wear glasses, we have a great option for you. With our great range of options in contact lenses, Keysborough patients can enjoy the comfort and convenience of being glasses free. We tailor the fit just for you, so the contact lenses are easy and comfortable to wear. Contact lenses have developed greatly in recent years meaning that we can offer contact lenses for astigmatism, distance, for reading or even multifocal, in fact there are contact lenses available for almost any condition. Book in today and see better tomorrow!

Behavioural Optometrist

For a behavioural optometrist Keysborough residents needn’t look further than Russo Optometry. Behavioural optometry takes into account all aspects of eyecare, including the sharpness of your vision, whether near-sighted or far-sighted, as well as how well your eyes can aim and focus over multiple distances ensuring that your vision is free from eyestrain and fatigue. These tests will also assess your ability to understand and process visual information, which is vital to help progress at school

Goals of Behavioural Optometry

  • To correct for problems that have already developed with vision, such as eye coordination problems, lazy eyes, eye turns, eye strain and fatigue 
  • To enhance you current vision and prevent early-stage vision deterioration.
  • To develop the visual skills required for more effective vision, whether in a classroom, at work, or playing sport.

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