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$100 a 2nd Pair

When you Google “optometrist near me”, be clearsighted: book in with an optometrist who knows that vision is more than simply seeing 20/20. Russo Optometry offer optometrists for the Narre Warren community trained in behavioural optometry. This form of optometry will maximise your children’s visual cognitive skills, giving them the best chance to learn and develop in life.

We offer a range of options– including vision therapy, that is, exercises to improve visual function. For the holistic approach, contact Russo Optometry. We’re Narre Warren’s local, independent service for all your eyecare needs.

Eye Test Narre Warren

There is little doubt that poor eye health outcomes can profoundly affect everyday life. Children, for example, can develop learning difficulties as a result of poor eye health. This is why it’s important to book you and your family for a regular eye test. Narre Warren customers will find us conveniently close. Why not book in today to receive quality eye care near you?

Contact Lenses Narre Warren

Wishing you could enjoy better vision without the hindrance of glasses? At Russo Optometry, we provide contact lenses to the Narre Warren community to help improve your vision discretely. Contact lenses are a suitable, inconspicuous therapy for both short- and long-sightedness. We also provide multifocal contact lenses, contact lenses for astigmatism, sleep-in lenses and lenses for keratoconus. When it comes to your optical health, don’t be blind: book in for a vision test today!

Behavioural Optometrist

For a behavioural optometrist Narre Warren can trust, call Russo Optometry. Our optometrists have substantial experience in the delivery of behavioural optometry, ensuring a comprehensive service. Behavioural Optometry eye care involves not only reading an eye chart, but also testing how sharp your vision is, both near and far, how your eyes’ aim and focus in various tasks. It also assess tracking eye movements, and tests your ability to process information gathered through visual perception, all of which are vitally important skills for school and work.

Goals of Behavioural Optometry

  • To develop the visual skills required for more effective vision performance, whether at work, in a classroom, or playing sport.
  • To correct for vision problems, such as lazy eye, eye coordination problems, eye turns.
  • To prevent vision deficiencies becoming more serious.
  • Improve comfort and eliminate eyestrain and headaches while reading

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