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Vision and School 2

Vision and School Performance

Most parents don’t know where to start if they feel their child is struggling at school.

As 80% of what a child learns is visual, school teachers often recommend a thorough behavioural eye test as a starting point to help identify problems.

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Signs to watch out for

Squinting, Eye Rubbing, Headaches and Guessing at Words.
These are classic signs of vision difficulty.

Don't let your children struggle any longer!

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At Russo Optometry, we know parents find it hard to watch their child not reaching their potential. With over 50 years combined experience, as well as additional training in Behavioural Optometry, meet the team who can help.

By conducting thorough eye tests that go beyond 20/20 we can also assess you child’s visual skills and visual learning, giving you peace of mind that you have not left any stone unturned in helping your child.


Getting started is easy

1 - Simply Book an Appointment

2 - Come in store for a thorough vision assessment

3 - Together we can create a customised plan to enhance your child’s vision.


Customised plans may be as simple as; advice regarding good vision habits, or as detailed as glasses, visual skills or visual learning training. 

As we are often a first point of contact, we can also provide information for when referrals to other health care providers, such as educational psychologists, speech pathologists, audiologists or occupational therapists may be beneficial.


Symptoms parents often notice:

  • Rubbing eyes
  • Holds books/devices very close
  • Loses place/skips words when reading
  • Glare sensitive
  • Slow learning to read
  • Reverses numbers & letters
  • Trouble with spelling/sight words
  • Slow copying from board to book



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Would you like to enhance your child's vision?

For a limited time, we are offering a sneak peak at some of the activities we use to enhance our young patient's vision. 

These activities, are some of our favourites, and are normally only available to children enrolled in our in-store vision therapy programs.


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5 easy activities to enhance your child's vision

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One Test Away

Take the first steps towards helping you child’s vision and school performance.

Your child may only be one simple eye test away from the path to help them reach their potential.

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